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Every home deserves a Wells Behaved Dog & every dog needs a Wells Behaved owner!

T&Cs: Welcome

Our Terms and Conditions

Canine training, retraining, behaviour modification, in-person consultations and any other company business is subject to the following terms and conditions. By submitting your dog for training and/or by signing this document you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined below:

1.1 Bookings are subject to these terms and conditions. Variations to the terms and conditions may be made from time to time and without notice by Wells Behaved Dogs.

1.2 Wells Behaved Dogs will treat your personal information confidentially and will not pass on your details to any third parties without your permission, unless there is a legal requirement to do so by a recognised authority such as the police.

1.3 Information given in the initial registration form will be used for all subsequent bookings unless we are notified that there has been a change in you or your dog’s condition or requirements.

1.4 Our charges are set out on our website and social media site. They will also be set out to you, in full, at the time of booking. You will be deemed to have accepted our charges upon confirmation of your booking.

1.5 The payment and cancellation policy for any work undertaken by Wells Behaved Dogs will be as follows: a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking for any services, with exception to video consultations where the full fee is payable at the time of booking. The balance for any other services booked will be paid at or before the start of the service commencing. Where follow-up consultations are booked, this payment and cancellation policy applies to deposits and payments. Appointments may only be cancelled by the client with at least 24 hours’ notice or full payment for that service will be required. Wells Behaved Dogs will endeavour to assist where a date change is required due to an emergency, without further charge. The definition of an emergency is at the sole discretion of Wells Behaved Dogs. In the unlikely event that Wells Behaved Dogs is required to cancel or amend any booked consultation appointments, priority will be given to rescheduling at the earliest opportunity. Where a mutually convenient appointment cannot be agreed upon, a refund will be offered up to but not exceeding the amount already paid by the client. 

1.6 Appointments for consultations are provisionally held for 24 hours only and will only be confirmed after payment of the required deposit (see 1.5 above regarding video consultations), ideally by bank transfer.

1.7 An appointment for consultation can only be rescheduled by the client once without charge with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice required prior to original appointment (see note 1.5). An alternative appointment must be scheduled within a 3 month period of the original appointment date or the deposit will be forfeited and the original agreement cancelled.

1.8 In exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Wells Behaved Dogs a full or partial refund may be issued where no services have been provided prior to cancellation. One such example of exceptional circumstance may be the death or serious injury of the dog for which the consultation had been booked - a vet letter may be requested.

1.9 Wells Behaved Dogs reserves the right to charge for any consultation or advice given by phone, video call, social media messaging, or any other recognised means of communication including e-mail or post, prior to a cancelled appointment for consultation. This charge will be at our standard advertised rate per hour, or part thereof. This also applies to any pre-course or pre-session visits which are then not attended. 2.0 Where an in-person consultation has been booked and the client fails to attend any outstanding payment will still be required. If the missed consultation was to take place outside of the catchment area of Wells Behaved Dogs, the additional mileage charge that was agreed by both parties at the time of booking will also be required for payment.

2.1 For block booking, such as an agreed course of behaviour modification consultations, 50% deposit of the full amount for the course of consultations is required upon booking. The remaining balance to be paid prior to or at the start of the first in-person consultation.

2.2 Other services may include, but are not limited to, courses for the introduction of a new dog or puppy into the home. Such courses will require payment of a 50% deposit of the full course amount upon booking, by bank transfer or cash. The remaining balance to be paid prior to or at the start of the first in-person consultation. Block booking of consultations may be offered at discounted rates which, if booked as individual consultations, would be of a greater cost than when taken as individual consultations. All payments are non-refundable unless there are exceptional circumstances as outlined in 1.5 and 1.8 above.

2.3 Booking terms covering social distancing guidelines and other measures during COVID-19 challenges: in the event of any UK Government ruling prohibiting in-person consultations, video consultations may be offered as an alternative where appropriate. Where this is not appropriate due to the nature of the dog’s behaviour or issue under discussion, the original appointment may be suspended until any such UK Government prohibitions are withdrawn and a new suitable date arranged. If cancellations or suspensions occur as a result of government restrictions in relation to COVID-19, and no appointments can be made for the foreseeable future, the client can request a refund on monies paid for services not yet received. 

2.4 It is of the utmost importance that a client gives full, accurate and current information in relation to their dog(s). Wells Behaved Dogs will rely upon the information given by the client during the initial booking process and all future consultations. Any changes in the information supplied by the client in reference to their dog(s) must be shared with Wells Behaved Dogs at the earliest opportunity and prior to any further services being provided.

2.5 Proof of vaccinations may be required in certain circumstances by Wells Behaved Dogs.

2.6 You must ensure that your pet is in good health and free from fleas, ticks, mange and is adequately wormed. The date of the last flea/tick/deworming treatment will be noted on the booking form.

2.7 It is the client’s responsibility to insure their dog(s) adequately. Wells Behaved Dogs accepts no liability for injury or damage caused to or by their dog(s) during a consultation. Whilst Wells Behaved Dogs has liability and indemnity insurance, clients are expected to provide insurance cover for their dog(s) that meets their own requirements.

2.8 As required by UK law, a dog(s) should wear a collar and have an identification tag attached to it with the owners’ current contact details. The dog(s) should be microchipped.

2.9 At all times, regardless of time, day, date, weather, venue, location, the type of work being undertaken or any other criteria, the client/the dog’s owner will have responsibility for ensuring their dog's welfare, including physical and mental health. However, Wells Behaved Dogs reserves the right to suspend, stop or cancel any session if they determine, in their professional opinion, it to be in the dog’s best interests.

3.0 The client will indemnify Wells Behaved Dogs against any claims for damage, loss or injury caused by the client’s dog(s) or as a result of any breach of the terms and conditions, whether through negligence or otherwise.

3.1 Activities associated with animals can be dangerous and can cause injury or death. By undertaking this process the client acknowledges and agrees that neither Wells Behaved Dogs, its officers, employees and agents, participants, officials, volunteers, medical personnel, any persons, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, nor owners or lessees of premises associated with this training or retraining programme shall be under any liability whatsoever arising from any injury or death resulting from the activities associated with this training/retraining programme and the client agrees to indemnify such parties for death or any injury, loss or damage which may be suffered by the client or their dog(s).

3.2 Children are only allowed into a property/venue (or any area where training may be taking place) by prior arrangement between the client and Wells Behaved Dogs and must be under the direct supervision and control of their parent(s) or other responsible adult(s). Wells Behaved Dogs takes no responsibility for children in a property/venue.

3.3 Wells Behaved Dogs reserves the right to cancel any consultation and ask any client to leave who shows disregard for a property/venue or any human or animal resident there.

3.4 Wells Behaved Dogs reserves the right to suspend, stop or cancel any consultation sessions, without warning or notice where any form of abusive behaviour is encountered or expressed towards them or any other person, the dog(s) with which they are working or any other animal. In this instance, abusive behaviour means any physical action or demeanour, words, writing, sign or other visible representation; in any form of language and whether directed intentionally or unintentionally at any person or animal, whether representing Wells Behaved Dogs and its interests, or not. This condition applies to public and private locations. Any such behaviour may also be reported to the police. In this event no refund will be considered and all future sessions, whether paid for or not may also be cancelled without consideration of a refund.

3.5 For some specific consultations you may be required to sign a separate indemnity before any training is given.

3.6 Use of the name Wells Behaved Dogs in any circumstances including advertising (for example for the sale of dogs) is strictly prohibited unless written permission from Wells Behaved Dogs has been obtained prior to its use.

3.7 The creation, growth and survival of small businesses relies heavily on honest feedback from clients being published on social media and websites. Whilst Wells Behaved Dogs may encourage their clients to consider leaving such feedback, there is no expectation or pressure for a client to do so. If a client does leave feedback, Wells Behaved Dogs would simply ask that it be fair and honest.

3.8 If a client should have a complaint in relation to any individual or service provided by Wells Behaved Dogs, they should speak to Wells Behaved Dogs in order to address their concerns directly. Any negative review or feedback made on any online platform, may be removed or responded to if the complaint process has not been followed and an opportunity given to address the complaint by Wells Behaved Dogs.

3.9 Wells Behaved Dogs may include photographs/electronic images of the dog(s) they are working with, in any online platform directly linked to Wells Behaved Dogs, to offer potential clients a guide of the different breeds they have worked with. No personal details, apart from the dog’s name, would be included.

If you, the client, are unwilling for your pet’s photograph/electronic image to appear on the website or other social media sites linked to Wells Behaved Dogs please advise us at the time of booking. 

Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer (please include your name as a reference) or cash, by agreement.

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